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Chapter 1: The Next Evolution

The screen is black then we hear a young male’s voice.

“ Mutation it is the key to our evolution…It has enable us to evolve from a single cell organism into the dominate species to our planet…It’s process is slow normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennium, evolution leads forward.”

As we were listening to the male voice a couple sparks was slowly moving then formed into one after the voice ended. Then we see a bright light and it looks like you’re an ex-ray in someone’s body but only it’s the skeleton.

                                       MissKenniGurl672 Presents…

The camera zooms fast as were are quickly looking inside the skeleton body.

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It turns out that we reached to the end and see the bright light.


We go out and then some kind of door shuts to where the place we’re in. We zoom into the middle part and our setting changes to somewhere else. And wherever the place is it’s rainning. Then a group of people where walking in the rain like a march. We hears some barking as we go up on top of the building where a guy was holding a gun.

“Poland 1944”

The group of people who were walking were heading to a gate. This part takes place during the holocaust. The people didn’t like this one bit, but what choice do they have? If they go home, then they’ll get caught. Somewhere in the crowd was a man, and woman, and a young boy. The young boy almost look like a girl thanks to his long hair, he had glasses. His name was Susan, his parents are one of the few victims in this horror.

Susan’s father look down on him, while Susan stared back. “What’s gonna happen to us?” The little boy thought.

Susan looked at his mother, who was barely crying. While walking, Susan notices some men rolling some wheelbarrows with bags on it. Susan looks closer and notices one of the men  had numbers on his arm. The rest of the men had numbers on them as well. Susan looks on slightly scared. The people reached to an end where they were a gate, where some other men would split them apart, families or couples, they had to do it, and by force.

The dogs were barking as the men were splitting the people up when they reach to the gate. As Susan and his parents were up they were stop by a man.

“You there!” The man said, “You two go back!”

“Wait! No!” Susan’s father exclaimed as he and his wife were getting pushed back. “My son! I have to get my son!”

“Susan!” His  mother yelled as they forced to get pushed back.

“Mother!” Susan screamed. He doesn’t want to get separated by his parents. Susan tries to reached for them but the other man  were holding them back. “Father!”

“Go back already!” The man snapped, pushing Susan’s parents back, causing them to get carried away by the crowd.

“Susan!” His father yelled.

“No that’s my son! Noo!!!” Susan’s mother screamed in horror.

Susan was forced to sit down near the gate. Susan’s mother tried to head back to the gate to get her son, but it was no used as the men were pushing them away. Susan’s father tried to go back for her. Susan’s parents were getting pushed away again. Susan had no choice but to get to the gate and tried to reunite his parents. He was making his way to the crowd. But it was too late the gate was already closed.

Susan’s eyes widen in horror, then suddenly a man grabbed him helding him back. The men up at the gate locked the gate, much to Susan’s dismay. Then another man grabs Susan as he was trying to break free. Susan, who was sobbing, reach out his hand then suddenly the gate was trying to get open. Two more men came trying to held him down more. Susan reach out his hand and then the gate was almost opening. Susan was trying to reach for the gate. The gate looks like it was starting to bend. Then, a man, who had enough, whacked Susan knocking him unconscious.

The men who holding Susan down, looked at the gate, which was almost crumbled and destroyed. The men were wondering what could of happen to it. Then we view up to the sky as this part ends.


Then somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia, the not too distant future, we see a house. Inside the house was a African American woman was playing the piano. She had dark brown hair, a pink shirt, white pants, and magenta shoes. This must been Leela Bridges.

Then in a room, an eleven year old  African American girl and with her boyfriend, Chad Dickson was checking out the sights.
The girl had black short hair, brown eyes, purple hairclips, magenta hoodie, a violet flower, and a purple stripe, white with purple stripe sleeves, black shorts, black shoes, and purple shoes. Her name is Roxatelise “Roxi” Bridges.

“Niagara Falls,” Roxi said looking at her pictures, “The Canadian Rockies, and a few hundred miles to Encouraged.”

“Aw do we gotta go?” Chad asked.

“Well that’s the point, stupid.” Roxi told, “Otherwise it wouldn’t be an adventure.”

“And when are you gonna do this?”

“I dunno.” Roxi said as she lay down on her bed next to Chad. “When we get done with High School, when we get there, I mean.”

Chad and Roxi look at each other and their lips closer to each other. Then, kiss. But suddenly, Chad’s face began to show vains. Chad’s eyes suddenly opened. Roxi stopped kissing Chad and then he began to fall on the bed.

Back with Leela, who was playing the piano, she hear Roxi screamed. Same thing with her father, Sunny Bridges.

Back with  Roxi, she was screaming as Chad was gasping for air and was backing away from him. Sunny and Leela rush into her room and noticed Chad lying on her bed.

“Roxi! What’s wrong?” Sunny asked his daughter. He then noticed Chad, gasping. “Chad?”

“I’d killed him!” Roxi said crying, “I didn’t mean to…!”

“Roxi, it’s okay, call an ambulance!” Sunny said.

Leela tried to come up to Roxi and said, “Roxi, what happened…”

“Stay away from me!” Roxi screamed. She doesn’t want neither of her parents to get killed by her.

“Call an ambulance!” Sunny ordered to Leela, who nodded and head down stairs. Leaving, Roxi, sobbing. She didn’t mean for Chad to get killed.


Meanwhile, at a meeting in the United States Congress, a young robot teenager was talking. The girl was a disguised robot, who had orange hair in pigtails, blue eyes, a sleeveless blue hoodie, a watch, a black belt, a blue skirt, an black under, and brown boots. Her name is Jenny Wakeman, and right now she was making a speech.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Jenny said, “We are now seeing a new stage of human evolution, these mutations manifest with puberty. And are often triggered by periods of heighten emotional stress.”

“Thank you, Miss Wakeman.” A voice said.

Jenny look to see a man who had white hair, black suit who said to Jenny. His name was Vlad Masters.

“It was quite educational.” Vlad said. “However, it fails to address, the issue that focus this hearing, three words: are mutants dangerous?”

“I’m afraid, that’s an unfair question, Vlad Masters,” Jenny said to him. “After all the wrong person of the wheel of the car can be dangerous.”

“Well we do, licensed people to drive.” Vlad told her.

“Yes, but not to live. Vlad it’s a fact, that mutants who come forward and revealed themselves to publicly, have been met with fear, hostility, and even violence.”

As Jenny goes on, a guy named from MERF comes up to Vlad as Jenny said, “It’s for that present hostility, that I’m urging this sent able vote against mutant registration, to force mutants who exposed themselves for that…”

“Exposing themselves?” Vlad asked cutting her off, “What is it that the mutant community has to hide I wonder, to makes them so afraid to identify themselves?”

“I didn’t say that they were hiding.” Jenny remarked.

“Well I’ll show what’s being hidden, Miss Wakeman.” Vlad said, “What I have here, a list of names, of identified mutants.”

Vlad said walking around the room showing a file he has in his hand. “Who are living right here in the united states.”

“I uh…” Jenny began but Vlad cutted her off again.

“Here’s one, a girl in the city of Townsville, who has the ability to do sonic screams.” Vlad read. “Now what’s to stop her breaking into a bank vault? Or into the white house? Or into their houses?” He pointed to the people, who some where agreeing with him.

“Vlad Masters…”

“And there are even rumors, Jennifer, about mutants so powerful that they can enter our minds and control our thoughts, taking away our god giving free will, I think the American people deserved the right decide whenever to have their children to be in school with mutants.”

After hearing this, all of the people began to clap about Vlad’s understanding speech. All except for one. Vlad goes on.

“And be taught by mutants.” Vlad continued, “Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is, that mutants are very real, and they’re among us, we must know, who they are, and above all, what they can do.”

The crowd was cheered and clapped for Vlad as Jenny sighed sadly. Then in the crowd, a twelve year old boy watched this. He had orange hair, glasses, a white lab coat, black pants, purple gloves, and black shoes. His name was Dexter, boy genius. Dexter then noticed a mysterious figured was walking away. The boy genius looked at him.


The mysterious figure was walking into the hallway. Dexter was behind him and said, “Mandark,”

The mysterious figure stop in his tracks. “What are you doing here?” The boy genius asked him.

“Why do you asked questions, which you already know the answer?” The mysterious figured, who was Mandark asked him.

“Don’t give up on it.” Dexter told him.

“What do you want me to do, Dexter?” Mandark asked him. “I heard these arguments before.”

“It was a long time ago.” Dexter said, “And kind has evolved since then.”

“Yes…” Mandark said, “And do us.”

The two were silent for a moment and then Mandark felt his head and said, “Your sneaking around in my head, Dexter, what are you looking for?”

Mandark turned his face around to face Dexter, who said, “I’m looking for hope.”

“I’ll bring you hope.” Mandark said, “Old friend, and I ask for one thing in return…Don’t get in my way.”

Mandark turns around and then began to leave. “We are the future, Dexter! Not them!” He called out. “It not longer matter!”

Dexter had a serious yet determined look on his face, and then said, “It does, just you wait.”

End of chapter...
Yeah, I've started to do the X-Men parody and I kinda changed the cast a little bit but still, I kinda suck at doing it. Anyway enjoy this first chapter where a few mutants appeared.

Also, :icondprider43: I'm using Jenny's human form in your style if that's okay with you.

All characters (c) Go directly to their owners
Roxi Bridges (c) Mine
X-Men (c) Marvel
dprider43 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009
Guess it's okay that you can use Jenny's HF. The first chapter sounds exciting and good so far. Hope you update the next chapter.
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